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First in the Automotive Industry
Writer KYPC Date 14-01-21 00:00
First in the Automotive Industry [The certification of "Green Technology" and "Green Product"]


Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. is the first in the automotive parts industry to receive the certification of "Green Technology" and "Green Product" for the "WASTE GATE Turbo Charger Technology for Gasoline Engine".

The green certification acquired in connection with the support project to expand the green certification of the Techno Park in Gyeongbuk province is the certification for the technology to improve the fuel efficiency of the gasoline automobile and drastically reduce the greenhouse gas and the exhaust gas by being installed in the engine which is the core part of the car. Through certification, Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. will make a contribution to the EU and Chinese market, which is emphasizing the image of eco-friendly products of domestic and overseas customers and increasingly regulation of automobile emissions.

Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. has been awarded the "Green Business Excellence Green Business" certification in 2013 and green technology and product certification in 2014, leading the automotive turbocharger through the certification of green process, green technology and green products. We will continue to invest in technology development and investment in reduction, environmental protection and energy saving. 


Certificate of Green Technology

Technology Name: Waste Gate Turbocharger Technology for Gasoline Engine

Certificate of Green Technology Product

Product name: Turbocharger for gasoline engine

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