Company Greeting


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Byung Kee Chung

Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd.

To all the customers who love and support us, we, Keyyang Precision Co., Ltd. wish to return your constant recognition with our 3 core values : Passion, Innovation, and a Positive attitude.

Challenge and Passion

Since we were established in 1994, we have become a pioneer of the turbocharger industry. We have developed as a company whose main goals are to satisfy our customers and be socially and environmentally responsible through continuous investment and the development of new technologies.

Creativity and Technical innovation

With advanced technology as our foundation, we have been constantly researching and producing eco-friendly products which have earned the trust of our clients. With the advanced technology, we assure you that we will become a strong company, always responsible to our customers and society. We are at the turning point for an innovative leap to the future.

Positive Attitude

With respect for humanity, ethical management, and social contribution always on our mind, we will carry out our passion for challenge and creative innovations and leap forward to position the company as a global top turbocharger manufacturer.

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