Company Value Systems

Value Systems

Core Philosophy

가치체계 도형

Core Strategies

    • Developing a creative and proactive-culture
    • Cultivating personnel to accommodate global industry
    • Global standard production facilities
    • Extensive R&D activities
    • Expanding global supply network
    • High efficiency & low-cost production
    • Establishing efficient management information system
Core Philosophy

Core Philosophy

  • Social Level

    • Reliable enterprise through ethical management
    • Quallity management and the creation of values
    • Contribute to society by creating more jobs
  • Management Level

    • Grow with quallity management and customer satisfaction
    • Cultivation future leaders
  • Employment Level

    • Pioneering proactive attitude
    • Personal and business development through creative innovation
    • Provide life filled with pleasure and abundance
  • Community Level

    • Build a prosperous company and prosperous employee
    • Respect and support every member of the company
    • Work together toward our common goal

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